Founded in 1993

The Association includes 150 (approx., varying number) licensed enterprises and organizations involved in construction, design work, manufacturing of building materials and structures, training, insurance and some other businesses. LCA also unites The Republican Association of Manufacturers of Windows and Doors, Lithuanian Association of Plumbers, Lithuanian EPS Association and Baltic Scaffolders Association.

Defends association members‘ rights against unlawful acts of officials and government institutions

Identifies the members‘ problems and needs and represents the members when offering solutions in the government institutions in Lithuania

- Protects the interests of members against the unfair practices of other participants of construction industry

Provides value-added information expeditiously, consults, and promotes cooperation

Develops a website of electronic construction rules STATAI ( The know-how material is free to the members of Association.

- Participates in training and innovation projects and safe work initiatives

Performs the publicity work and Lithuanian construction workers‘ image formation in Lithuania and abroad

- Is a member of European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC); entered into co-operation agreements and collaboration with similar organizations in other countries.



-  Digitizing a construction process. Digital construction and development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology are the priorities of LCA work.

Establishing the criterion for economic efficiency in the mechanism of the purchase of construction services

Establishing compulsory civil liability insurance to all construction processes

The prequalification of the participants in the construction processes

Initiation of changes in the Lithuanian tax system in order to build the resilience to economic crises of the participants in construction processes

Promoting export of construction services

Promoting cooperation between companies and education institutions employing energy saving technologies and ensuring high quality constructions

Unification of the branch associations of construction sector in order to progress

- Strengthening the public image of construction workers and construction companies