3 new members joined the Lithuanian Construction Association: UAB "RNDV Statyba", UAB "Glansa" and UAB "Statybos montavimo darbai".


"RNDV" is one of the largest providers of construction services in the shipbuilding industry and in the civil and industrial construction sector in Europe, operating since 2007.


The company's main competencies are: project management, electrical engineering, electromechanics, shipbuilding/ship repair, offshore steel structures, pipeline assembly and installation, scaffolding, insulation-canning, industrial construction, residential construction and public construction. RNDV implements projects throughout Europe and beyond, including Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain.


"Glansa" is a company that designs, manufactures and installs plastic window structures, which has been operating for 25 years.


"Statybos montavimo darbai" is a company providing engineering and construction services, operating in the Liertuva market since 1993. The beginning of the company's activities is considered to be in 1967, when the "Mobile Construction Works Column" (KSDK) was established.


The main competences of the company: heating, ventilation systems, indoor and outdoor water supply and sewage networks, design and installation of these systems, installation and design of indoor and outdoor electrical and low current systems, as well as construction and finishing works.